Tregont Mab goes green...


Here are the gestures that Tregont Mab applies in order to remain reasonable in its consumption.
Thank you for supporting us in our approach. 

   Your actions to help us: 
- Turn off all the lights when leaving your room
 - Unplug your chargers from outlets when not in use
 - Limit heating between 18 ° and 20 °
 - Prefer a shower to a bath
 - Tap water is healthy and can be drunk

   What Tregont Mab is already doing:

- Washing of bath towels only on request (to be placed in the laundry bag or on the floor)
- Dry the laundry in the open air as soon as possible
- Make a "homemade detergent" or use organic detergent without harmful substances
- Avoid plastic objects as much as possible (glasses, cutlery, bottles, etc.)
- Use biodegradable cotton swabs
- Use organic and refillable liquid soap
- Use rechargeable batteries and low-energy bulbs


Limit our waste and give organic waste to our hens and ducks
Compost other materials
Serve organic fruits and cereals for breakfast or our production
The establishment of a permaculture vegetable garden and an organic orchard

Watering the garden with water from the well and collecting water
Promote biological diversity by offering wild spaces to the garden
Do not use any insecticide in the garden to protect bees and insects

The planet is ours, let's take care of it!