History of the Manor at Quimper

We see ourselves not so much as owners, rather as guardians of a heritage, that we are privileged to preserve for the next generation.
We hope that you we will be as instantly enamoured with TM as we were ; for us the attraction was immediate and 

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We believe that our role as owner/guardians of the manor is to preserve the history, charm ans authenticity.We hope that we will, as we did, become fully enchanted by this stunning piece of Breton heritage.

We can also enjoy the banks of Saint Cadou river which meanders through the southern part of the grounds, in a rural estate of 25 hectares of which 7 hectares is historic woodland with magnifics trees and flowers.

Tregont Mab is ideally located just minutes from the lovely town of Quimper and from the most beautiful beaches of the region.


As a significant residence in the vicinity of Quimper, Tregont Mab has its own history; the manor has over the centuries, been host to Admirals ans officers of the French navy, the mayor of Quimper and other notable persons of brittany.

During an incident packed history Tregont Mab has payed hot to a great many characters, some of tem jsut a little eccentric. Take M.De Colomb who owned the house in the 18th century, he had a great many ideas, some came to fruition, others were doomed to failure. His shemes include the attempted rebuilding of the Monastery of Cordeliers which had benn destroyed in a battle in Quimper, today crumbling ruins are all remains of his endeavours.

He set up a breeding programme for wild horses on the estate. He collected local art works ans filles a gallery. The collection is now on display at the Museum Beaux Arts of Quimper.

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A In the traditional regional style, the main house is decorated with carved stone animals and gargoyles, these date from the 16th century and have been weathered by time and the Westerly wind.

The Eastern facade displays ancient handcarved stone butresses, qindow and door frames.

The private chapel which is the spiritual center of the estate, dates from the 17th century.

The ruins of the convent of the Cordeliers de quimper partly reconstructed in the 18th century by M. De Colomb add a romantic aspect to the ground which also contain sacred foutain. All are part of the autentic history of the manor.

In the interior of the main house, a magnificient stone spiral staircase leading to the first florr was built in by a method that has not been used since de 17th century.

The alcoves and stucco decorated linted date from the 18th century.The combination of these varied design and build aspects are a great representation of classic Breton architecture.

In 1490, the 15 year old Duchess Anne de Bretagne who would later go on to be crowned queen of France twice, lade her first tour of Brittany region. Resting between Quimper and Concarneau in an area that reminded her home, Anne  expressed a wish to meet some retired servants who has served in the court of her parents.

Her desire was to meet the family privately ans no formal invitations were issued. Upon arrival at the house the duchess who horrified to find the table was set for 30 covers. This did not seem to be private gathering she has desired.

Upon expressing his disappointment to the hostess, she was given the response"but Madam, I have 30 sons!"  Full of admiration for this achievement, Anne accorded them the privileges of a "grand family".

Back to the domain in 1505, the Duchess appointed for the fist time the house "TREGONT MAB" in Brittany language , who means 30 sons .

icones region Region

  • The towns of Quimper, Pont l'Abbé, Concarneau
  • The medieval city of Locronan and Peintres de Pont Aven
  • Bénodet : famous coastoal resort town
  • Sainte Marine and the pays Bigouden (surfing beaches)
  • The l’Odet river with boat trips
  • The archipelago of the Glénan Islands
  • The famous "Commissaire Dupin" aventure in brittany (TV serie)

icones autourActivities

  • 2 Golf course nearby 

  • Thalasso & SPA (Bénodet  & Concarneau)

  • Nautic sports (sailing, canoe, surfing)

  • Beaches (Beg Meil, Mousterlin, Benodet, Ste Marine, Cap Coz )

  • Cruise on the Odet river and Glénan archipelago

  • Food (seafood, Breton cakes ans pancakes)

icone servicesAt disposal

On the ground floor, a living room with a large stone fireplace is reserved to the guest :library, régional documentation. The dining room for breakfast.

In outdoor, tent and garden furniture, hammock, lounge chairs, barbecue

Walk in the bridleways and wood in the property